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FDR Readout

Parameters validity check

As a “no-go item”, the FDR is a paramount safety equipment on-board. Ensuring the trustworthiness of its recordings is crucial for safety and compliance purposes.

FDR readouts are an annual mandatory compliance task conducted for the purpose of renewing an aircraft Certificate of Airworthiness with its registered CAA, or for investigative purposes.

This task is required to validate the quality, integrity and reliability of your recorded flight data parameters by ensuring that no required parameter recording was omitted, corrupted or incorrectly recorded.

CVR Readout

Audio Quality and Intelligibilty Check

The CVR captures flight deck and ATC conversations, aural alarms and signals, ambient sounds and PA communications. Verifying the intelligibility of the CVR audio channels is mandatory

Conducting regular CVR audio readout is crucial in determining the quality and dependableness of microphones recordings, thereby ensuring their availability for potential accident or incident investigation purposes.

To meet local and international airworthiness standards, a CVR readout must be performed yearly. This maintenance task must also comply with stringent data confidentiality and professional privacy regulations.

DLR Readout

Datalink Messages Correlation Check

Datalink recording capability is a functionality embedded in the CVR. This DLR functionality is used to exchange real-time information between aircraft and ground-based communication systems.

Datalink messaging protocols adoption is growing around the world. Therefore DLR correlation readouts are gradually becoming part of regulatory compliance requirements with an increasing number of CAAs as well as with IOSA.

OSPaero has developed datalink functionality readout capability for most DLR-equipped CVR and combi recorders, helping airlines successfully implement this new procedure and further enhance their compliance spectrum.

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Our seamless data-sharing and readout process helps minimize aircraft immobilization while optimizing the operator’s cost exposure.
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