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DLR Readout Service

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DLR Readout

DLR Integrity Operational Check

Data Link Recorder capability has become a requirement for aircraft utilizing datalink communications, for which the individual certificate of airworthiness was first issued after January 1st, 2016.

The DLR functionality can be embedded either in the CVR, the FDR or a CVFDR combi recorder. The DLR records all data link messages within those units. It has made a remarked entry as part of compliance readouts with ICAO Annex 6, as well as IOSA requirements.

OSPaero DLR readout is conducted in conjunction with the CVR readout or individually depending on the operator’s requirements. Depending on the above scenario (standalone DLR readout or CVR/DLR combined readout), our deliverables include:

  • a correlation of identified audio inputs with related datalink messages
  • a DLR readout report containing a number of selected messages from the last recorded flight as reference for the operator’s readout historical records, therefore testifying of the LR functionality working properly.
  • a Certificate of Conformance testifying of the DLR functionality working properly, as required for Certificate of Airworthiness renewal and IOSA audit

Why Choose OSPaero?

We do not simply “tick the box” and limit our analysis to minimum mandatory parameters. We truly put your data to work and go beyond minimum requirements, at no extra costs!

Our Process

Our seemless data-sharing and readout process helps minimize aircraft immobilization while optimizing the operator’s cost exposure.
Download your aircraft audio recorders' files on-wing
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We process and analyze your files affordably and swiftly
Get your readout reports and secure top compliance

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Regulation Compliance

Safety and compliance is at the cornerstone of our industry. OSPaero DLR readout services help you comply with international and local civil aviation regulations, ensuring necessary adherence to airworthiness requirements.

OSPaero also adheres to stringent international quality standards and has secured ISO9001:2015 certification.

With our constant monitoring of international and local regulation evolutions, OSPaero DLR readout services are recognized and comply with the requirements of the following agencies:

  • ICAO Annex 6 Part 1 – Appendix 8 Art 7.2 & Table A8-2
  • EASA EUROCAE ED-112 & EASA CAT.GEN.MPA.195(b) Art. (c)
  • FAA AC 20-186 Section 2.14.2
  • CAAP PCAR Part 7, Chap. 7.7, Art. 7.7.4 & PCAR IS
  • CAAS AS-2 Art 4.1 & Table 1-2
  • IOSA MNT 2.9.2